Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday's Fashion Finds

We are nearing the end of August. Which means it's time to ween away from bright and lightweight summer color palettes to warm and cozy fall looks. Fall is my favorite season, but as always when realizing summer is almost over, you want to wear the season's looks one last time! Here's some outfits that are perfect for the summer to fall transition.

Going out? This outfit mixes a warm coral and cool pink with a rich black color. 
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Cool blue shades aren't often seen in fall outfits. However this darker shade of blue, leaning towards a turquoise color can easily transition into fall colors. Cool corals keep the summers brightness, while the yellow accessories transition to falls warm colors. 
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 I'm usually afraid of any piece of clothing that is pea colored green, but can never resist an olive green. The beauty of this color is again, it's the perfect mix between summer and fall. Cooling with an over-sized blue purse and warming with brown wedges.
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 I found two styles for this pretty lace dress. That's the beauty with white, you can do anything! On the left shows more fall accessories, introducing a light scarf and ankle boots. The right are some more fun and quirky additions that have the perfect mix of color tones, which can also be paired with the boots on the left.
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Last, but not least, a colorful outfit that will shine on sunny day and wear into the cooler nights. This outfit mixes warm bright yellows, corals and a dark cool balanced navy violet. Plus, those shoes are to die for!
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