Thursday, August 16, 2012

No More Waiting

Hey y'all. I've been putting off my blogger for two simple reasons. First, I have truly been pretty busy with my Ultrasound Program! But, the second reason (and the main reason) is that I've just been waiting... After such a long period of not blogging I felt such a large distance from the community (even myself in some ways) and was waiting for something to post and start again. What exactly was I waiting for? I'm not sure.. Time is always going to be limited and I'd rather have the blog as a journey towards monumental moments, instead of waiting for those moments to arrive, then blog again.

I've been questioning for quite some time what my motives are for blogging. Many blogs suggest to not be personal. I  guess for me I want to my blog to flow though like a story of my life, versus a majority of advertisements. Yes, I still enjoy sharing material items, but what is substance to me, is my actual life. I don't want to fear losing followers intersests from sharing more personal posts. So for the _?_th time I'm going to approach this blog again and not get overwhelmed with the mighty amount of plans I have or had for future posts, but simply for today's. =]

If you're not following me on Instagram or Twitter - Please do! It's where I'm the most active.

I'm off for a small summer break also until August 27th. Yes my summer break is a mere two weeks long. So most of my days have been spent sleeping in and staying up late! So much better than my usual 5am morning routine! 

Today's festivities included the continuation of reading The Happiness Project, which Shane bought me for our one year anniversary. (woohoo!) I had been longing to read the book since it came out, but never seemed to have the time. Luckily with my mini break from school, I've been able to do some daily reading. The book is what I'd hope it to be and more. It's not about being unhappy at all, like so many people assume when I mention what I'm reading! It's about wanting more than being content with life. It's about loving what you have that you don't embrace and not wasting any extra moments. I've always been told I have a "sunshine" personality from other people since I was young. I am pretty good at portraying things though, even when I don't feel happy to that magnitude within myself. Although I will say that it's easy for me to "shine" for other people, because I do in fact love people so much! I've already been jotting down notes for my own happiness project, but will put it all together when I finish the book! So to follow, here's some current sources of my happiness.

Simplest of forms, self pampering -
Painting my nails, which I do almost every day!

Daily entertainment from my cats -
Margot top & Isobel below

Last, but not least, my main squeeze of joy - my boyfriend Shane
He keeps me laughing, feeling young and loved, honestly every single day.

Have you read The Happiness Project? 
If so have you implemented any of it's advice in your life?
For anyone that has or hasn't, what are your main sources of happiness?


  1. Hey, thanks for your comment! I've actually got the Happiness Project reserved at the library and can't wait til it comes in!!!

  2. your nails look fabulous, girl! i wish i was better at painting my nails more often!
    xo TJ

  3. I'm happy you are back! Cannot wait to hear about everything that has been going on!